Fuck Yeah Michael Kitchen

Mrs Bradley: Ready yet, Stewart?
Sam: Be a few minutes more, ma’am.
Bradley: I need it now.

(Sound of car pulling up outside.)

Foyle: Sam!
Sam (looking up with a grin): Good morning, sir.
Foyle: What on earth are you doing here? Gross dereliction of duty.
Sam: It wasn’t my idea, sir.
Foyle: No, I know. You don’t want to be here.
Sam (rather forlornly): Certainly not.
Foyle: Got a car waiting outside, needs a driver. You’re being transferred. Come on.

What I love most about this exchange is first the fact that Foyle comes in and steals Sam out from under Mrs B’s nose (despite her having earlier told Sam that she was now Sam’s commanding officer and she’d be the one to decide who stayed and who left), but also the fact that Foyle comes personally to fetch Sam back from the MTC after his suspension’s been lifted. He could’ve sent someone else, but no, he tells Milner to ring Andrew, and the three of them drive over to get Sam.

Also, I’ve no idea just what Sam does to Mrs B’s car before she departs, but it makes me laugh when it goes bang and then Sam drives away and you can just see through the windscreen of the Wolseley that Sam and Foyle are smiling!

(Foyle’s War: The Funk Hole)

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