Fuck Yeah Michael Kitchen

In honour of yesterday’s gifset and video, I present the musical Mr Michael Kitchen - Enchanted April, Oliver Twist and The Buccaneers all gave him a chance to show off his musicianship.

Mr Brownlow (Michael Kitchen) explains to Rose’s suitor, Dr Losberne, that playing duets on the pianoforte with someone is a good way to get close to them, and even to sneak in some socially-acceptable touching. Dr Losberne is understandably surprised - given Mr Brownlow’s previous disapproval of him - at Mr B’s suggestion that the young man join Rose at the pianoforte the next time she’s playing.

(Oliver Twist)

Oliver Twist offers a rare opportunity to see Michael Kitchen playing the piano, which he plays in real life. Here he’s playing a Beethoven Bagatelle when his friend and partner, Mr Grimwig, comes into the room to impart some bad news.

(Oliver Twist: episode 1)