Fuck Yeah Michael Kitchen


Anna and Leni obviously know the best place to put their hands.  (Francesca Annis and Polly Walker are two lucky actresses!)  In both scenes Michael Kitchen’s character accepts the fawning attention of the female character with such nonchalance — being irresistible is just a matter of course for him!

I’m so jealous of these two that I can barely speak! If there’s one man I’d dearly like to handle, it’s him!

When Bloch finally makes it all the way inside Dr Huld’s room, he’s expected to abase himself at the side of Huld’s bed, and then kiss his hand, as if Huld were a King or the Pope. I desperately want someone to swoop in and take Bloch out of that poisonous place and give him lots of tender loving care, because he seriously looks in need of it.

(The Trial - 1993)

Bloch learns that Josef K is planning to fire Dr Huld as his lawyer - and goes a little crazy in consequence. He runs madly around the kitchen, flailing wildly, and Leni is forced to slap him to make him stop.

Bloch’s own trial has been pending for 5 years - and he’s hired other lawyers but is still in thrall to the lazy good-for-nothing Huld, and he cannot bring himself to fire Huld.

(The Trial - 1993)

Leni explains to Josef K that she looks after Bloch, who’s staying at Dr Huld’s house in case the lawyer wishes to see him at any time of the night or day. She keeps him fed and clean - and ensures he’s dressed when Dr Huld wants to see him. It seems she treats Bloch as an over-large child, rather than a man.

(The Trial - 1993)

I decided that yesterday was an Enchanted April sort of day (images of an Italian spring were preferable to a mid-summer thunderstorm!), so here are some pictures of Michael Kitchen as the sweetly romantic George Briggs, who owns the castle at San Salvatore where the story takes place. Here, he’s enjoying a picnic with Lotty and Mellersh Wilkins, Mrs Fisher, Rose Arbuthnot (whom he admires), and Lady Caroline Dester.

(Enchanted April)